Lifelong Locals to Open a Cookies N’ Cream in Queens

A New Dessert Shop for Middle Village

The beloved dessert shop Cookies N’ Cream is set to open a new location at 64-62 Dry Harbor Rd this summer. Lifelong locals Frank Barbone and Sal Fescina are bringing this Westchester-based franchise to Queens, aiming to satisfy the community’s sweet tooth with a menu dedicated to cookies and ice cream.

Cookies N’ Cream, known for its unique, creative, chef-devised menu of 24 cookie varieties and a wide range of ice cream and sorbet flavors, including vegan options, is expanding its footprint in the tri-state area. Franchisees Barbone and Fescina, who have strong ties to Middle Village, are excited to bring this gourmet dessert experience to their neighborhood.

The store, managed by Sebastian Parada, promises to offer a fresh spin on dessert, with ice cream-stuffed cookies and creative toppings that are sure to become a local favorite. With construction nearly complete, the grand opening is anticipated for May 28th, just in time to kick off the summer season.

Check out the press release and Sal Francina’s full interview with What Now NY.

Source: What Now NY